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Marcela Snyder
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Unlike random playlists and mixes, Album Daily has encouraged me to go back to how I used to listen to music, as a whole album. An album tells a story, and because of Album Daily, I'm encouraged to listen to those stories. Some days it is new music, and sometimes throwbacks, but they are always great choices."

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Marc Yaeger
Cleveland, OH

"I look forward to getting the email from Album Daily every morning. I head out to Apple Music, click Play, and that is my music for the day! I've really expanded my music collection thanks to Album Daily. Two thumbs up!"

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Katy Garcia
New York, NY

"My favorite thing about Album Daily is that it isn’t just one type of genre, there is something for everyone. I love getting their emails and seeing a new album or re-discovering one that I used to love! There is so much good music available to us and Album Daily is a great place to find it."

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finding it hard to smile


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